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My First YouTube Post

Well here is the YouTube movie I promised, 6 weeks work to make, and im really proud of it. This was made using Blender for the animation, and GIMP to prepare the stop motion frames. Be sure to keep posted for the second installment of Fred. :)


I am just about ready to start becoming a contributing member of YouTube. For the last six weeks I’ve been taking part in a Summer School Paper at my University to develop and make a short 2-5 minute movie. The paper essentially sums itself up as ‘YouTube for credit’ according to one of the …

Clay-mation coming soon

So I’m making a movie. Yes thats right, I am making a short animated film for a class project with a fellow class mate, that will eventually end up on youtube for every one to enjoy. I don’t want to give too much away, but will say this: it contains stop-motion play dough. Wait and see!