I am just about ready to start becoming a contributing member of YouTube. For the last six weeks I’ve been taking part in a Summer School Paper at my University to develop and make a short 2-5 minute movie. The paper essentially sums itself up as ‘YouTube for credit’ according to one of the organisers. This has been a great experience and has the end result of me having a movie showing tomorrow and my video published on the course’s YouTube channel.

So the movie I made over the last six weeks was about a clay ball who evolves into a clay Person, Fred. Fred goes through an epic journey to overcome love, loss and life to become what he was destined to be. All in the space of 3 minutes, a good achievement i thought. I should also mention this film was made in part with play dough stop motion, and the rest in Blender with 3D animation. This process has lead me to decide that i want to keep making little videos of Fred and other 3D people and objects, and start publishing these on YouTube just for fun. This will also improve my Blender skills which at this point are lacking compared to some of the things i saw on YouTube yesterday.

So watch this space and expect some more random videos and animations coming your way from me, hopefully. I still have two assignments to wrap up in the next week, and then another heavy work load will be starting, but the good intentions are there and hopefully this will eventuate into something great. Visit my soon to be full YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/mmclearwater