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Bing Presents: Twitter Maps

Now I’m not personally a tweeter, but since this was written in silverlight and posted on The Silverlight Team Blog, I thought it was worth checking out. Personally, I think it looks cool, and is a great use of GPS. I did notice that my location is full of FourSquare tweets from workmates, which is pretty neat. …

Action Hero Style Software Development

I just read a really awesome post about software development using the analogy of Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Definately worth a read and brings forward some good points about software development. Check it out.

Playing with Silverlight

I’ve just started to experiment with silverlight, well, silverlight 2 to be exact. Its an interesting combination of C# and xml markup, but i like it none-the-less. So far if made a series of buttons that change elements on the screen, nothing special, but am keen to get stuck into something more substantial. …