Now I’m not personally a tweeter, but since this was written in silverlight and posted on The Silverlight Team Blog, I thought it was worth checking out. Personally, I think it looks cool, and is a great use of GPS. I did notice that my location is full of FourSquare tweets from workmates, which is pretty neat. As I said, not a tweeter, so won’t say too much about it lest I make a mistake, but The Map integration is quite something. Whatever location you might be looking at, the latest 100 tweets from the last 7 days will display over the location where they were posted from. As you move around, the tweets dynamically update for the new location. Definately a cool idea, you can put some context to the tweets your reading based on what the person was seeing, and I’m sure you could pull out your (not yet released) Windows Mobile 7 Series or (as is more likely) iPhone, whip out twitter maps, and find all the recent tweets in your location. To continue this little dialog along, a tweet is seen suggesting that the waiters at the resturant in front of you were very rude and impatient to a customer last night, who promptly let everyone know via her mobile twitter before leaving without dessert. Needless to say, our protagonist doesn’t stick around, and looks elsewhere for his tea. Silverlight is becoming more and more predominant lately, with the Winter Olympic’s online video feed powered by silverlight, and version 4 coming out later this year, It’s slowly becoming the development package of choice for the web. And developing software for use with major social groups like twitter and facebook is only going to increase its presence in the internet’s future. Check out the latest tweets on bing in the Wellington area.