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Microsoft Band 2 - The first 24 hours

My Microsoft Band finally arrived yesterday morning, so obviously I put it straight on (after a charge of course). Here is a chronicle of first impressions. Setup Out of the box, setup was really easy. Simply following the instructions on the band and the phone made it simple. I paired it with my Windows Phone (a Lumia …

7 Lessons from Building a WP7 Game in 7 days

This is a companion post for my talk at Wellington’s SLAMD user group on 6 July 2011. Recently I took part in Nigel Parker’s “Release an App for Windows Phone 7 in 7 Days for a Chance to Win a New HTC 7 Trophy Phone” competition, with the intent of winning a Windows Phone 7 device. Although I …

Microsoft Releases Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7

Check out the icons for developers, For Windows Phone 7, lookin pretty sharp.