I had someone ask me the other day where he could go to see silverlight in action, what sites are using silverlight, so I did a bit of searching, and found that it’s not that easy to find really. So here is my attempt to create such a list. Feel free to add anything I miss by posting comments.

Bing maps

I mentioned Twitter Maps on Bing in an earlier post but Bing maps is actually powered by silverlight, in its most advanced version. A standard version is available for those who don’t have silverlight installed, but I did notice that the site makes a point to tell you that you get a better experience with Silverlight, and prompts you to install it. Bing Maps

Hard Rock Cafe

This is a nice use of the deep zoom control introduced in Silverlight version 2. As someone personally interested in music, especially guitar, I found this one very interesting, showing memorabilia from around the world. Hard Rock Cafe

Michael Butterworth Photographer

Another use of deep zoom. Not alot else to mention about this one really. Michael Butterworth Photographer

Falt und Klapprad

More deep zoom. This time for a bike shop. Falt und Klapprad

This is a nice use of deep zoom to display famous art pieces, especially allowing the ability to view a painting closer and in more detail then perhaps could be achieved at the art gallery. Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Office 2010

This Silverlight-powered site was used to promote Microsoft Office 2010, containing video interviews with people involved in it’s development. Office 2010

ET Online Emmys

ET Online have used Silverlight to host their page about the Emmy Awards. This is a full site built and run using Silverlight, reminiscent of the flash variant, though much nicer in my opinion. You have dynamic content, menus, integrated video playback and more. I expect we will see more sites like this going forward as Silverlight gains in popularity with businesses and developers. ET Online Emmys


Of course, you would expect developers to practice what they preach, and Silverlight developers are no exception. The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site has elements of Silverlight-Powered content littered throughout. It’s also a great source of tutorials and information for Silverlight developers. Silverlight.Net


This is a nice little tutorial social site aimed at designers. This has a mixture of videos and quizes mixed up in a social achievement system to move you up in ranking from novice to expert. http://www.microsoft.com/design/toolbox/


This site has a really cool google-earth style satellite zoom in and out of the world on its title banner. It would definitely be be nice to see this on a decent internet connection, but alas I haven’t got one at my disposal right now. Still this is a neat idea, and very different from a basic static jpeg. www.sharpgis.net

And More

And the list goes on. Here are a few others I don’t have time to go into any detail with.

I’m sure if you look for yourself you will find a lot more. Please add any other interesting ones that you find by posting some comments.