Just a little backstory to put this in context. I have a dual-boot Vista/Ubuntu machine. I updated my hardware and vista needed to re-register, but my internet connection was down. Fine, I’ll use Ubuntu till my internets back.

All is well until I finally reboot into Vista and re-active my licence online, download all the latest updates and reboot. All of a sudden my LCD screen no longer works. Fortunately, I have two screens but the LCD no longer detects as UPnP and won’t take a resolution higher than 1024x768. This is really bad and so I figured it was vista being stupid. So I rebooted into ubuntu and guess what? the screen still doesn’t work and the resolution is caped at a rediculous 640x480.

This really frustrated me and I tried everything I could think of, let the video card cool down, reset the bios, monitor, x11 setup, everything. Nothing worked.

Finally I found this forum that had a post with everyone having the same problem, same monitor, similar graphics card, same vista. About halfway down the page umop3pl5dn had posted the solution and it was ridiculously simple.

You guys seriously will not BELIEVE this…

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I’m running an 8800GTS evga card w/ a chimei 22inch LCD(cmv221D) and I’ve been up all night / all day yesterday trying to figure out why my monitor randomly wouldnt go over 1024x768 randomly…well I was reading around and read somewhere to just UNPLUG the power and dvi cable for a few mins…i did it for about 5 or so.and when i plugged it back in, mind you my PC was still running and i had this very forum open the whole time..i plug it back in and everything is working again like normal as if the monitor reset itself somehow?? i have no idea why this worked, ive tried EVERYTHING else…it’s a shot in the dark, at least it was for me and i happen to hit the bullseye…try it out!? haha.gif haha.gif

Unplug the monitor from the power, wait a minute, reconnect the monitor, and bingo it all works again. So if any of you vista users of with a Chimei monitor using an NVidia 8xxx series card have this problem in te future, unplug the monitor power, wait, replace and away you go.