Published on April Fools Day, 2019

Microsoft announced today that they are working on Silverlight 6, which is to include .NetStandard support up to at least NetStandard 2.0.

Development Manager Loof Lirpa on the Silverlight Development team has confirmed that there is a Silverlight version 6 in the works, and it will be compatible with the .Net Standard and the dotnet cli.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes for a while, because it is important for us to get this right and be as compatible as possible, we didn’t want to announce anything until we were certain it was going to be possible to do.”, Mrs Lirpa told us.

As well as the existing Windows and Mac Browser support we have come to expect from Silverlight, and the Windows OOTB mode, version 6 will ship with Linux support for the first time. Leveraging the work done for .Net core on linux, and with the help of Johnny Skeeet at Mozilla, browsers on Linux including the Chrome browser will also support the new version. “We have had such great success with embedding Flash into our browser from a security point of view, we look forward to completing the Silverlight 6 integration for all platforms.”

Developers should expect to have builds available by April 1st 2020.