I’ve been working on some new projects, so thought I would do a quick elevator pitch for each.


I was having an issue with environment variables as arguments, and with PowerShell replacing "text" with text (stripping double-quotes) and how these interacted with my command line arguments. Especially when the environment variable was empty, the error messages were just not clear enough.

So I’m building yet another CLI parsing library, but with a primary focus on error messaging. It should work well to provide the developer the arguments from the user, but should also provide the user with better help on where the mistake they have made is.

Follow my progress here on GitHub.


I was wanting to build a chatbot. So naturally as a test harness I need a console app to test with. But it turns out my bot is asynchronous (I can keep talking, while it keeps thinking and returning new messages to an existing thread). It turns out that concurrently printing text and allowing text entry is not an Out-Of-The-Box feature.

Introducing ConcurrentConsole, a wrapper over System.Console to allow multithreaded writes while a thread is still reading from the user. Maintain your existing typed text, and even define your own prompt text (which can also be dynamically updated at runtime).

Check it out on GitHub and NuGet.


Something I have been meaning to do for a while was to automate my tiny types. It can get tedious to build and maintain many small wrapper types, and creating the right definition while in the flow of building out your code can be distracting.

t4tinytypes is a NuGet package of t4 templates that can be used with Visual Studio or the command-line (for dotnet cli) to generate and regenerate tiny types, simply, easily and flexibly (not to mention extensible). I’m still working on testing samples to show all the ways it can be used, but it should be published as an early alpha release soon.

While you’re at it…

That’s what’s new, feel free to influence me on what the think you would find valuable to have me finish first. But don’t forget the other little projects I’ve already put out there and would love feedback on, too.

Feedback appreciated :)