So I was on holiday, and over that time i didn’t add a single entry to my blog. I think my new years resolution is to actually sit down and add something to my blog more often. Lets start this off with a little about what im doing.

Well as a Uni Student, I find myself finally moving into a flat. All students should go through the flatting experience, it’s character building and teaches you many valuable life skills, or so they say. So I moved into my nice new flat, only to find that the last tenants practically just walked out at the end of last year. Ok, so there are some positives to that, such as well now have some of the essentials in the kitchen, including a lot of plates and cutlery, and a little bit of furniture we won’t have to buy. But the down side is that there is still stuff in the rooms, half the rooms are still locked, the fridge is still full of stuff that was once food, and nothing has been cleaned. I should also point out at this time that I am the first of five people to move into the flat, and no one else will arrive for another two months.

After a week of living in other peoples filth, finally one of the other people comes and starts to collect his stuff. We’ll it would seem that most of the other tenants are MIA, and that he has been left with the daunting task of cleaning the flat and moving things out. His answer to this was let me know what you guys what to keep in the flat and ill leave it behind for you. This also includes the odd thing that he wants to sell, but a lot that he will just give us. The landlord has finally got in touch with us too, after also being on holiday. So now we have a chance to get in some professional cleaners to fix up the place, a perhaps be able to get some livable space in there.

This epic saga of the flatting experience continues, and hopefully gets better and not worse.