It has been a pipe-dream of mine for a while to have my very own C# extensions library. Well now I do. I’ve been chipping away at a library on github for ages (my init commit was 15 Sep 2012!) and it is finally a real thing! I’ve got a V1.0.0, a Nuget package, and even 100% coverage. I even have the coverity report running, although it’s taken so long that I don’t have anything to worry about right now. So far there are 24 Extensions available to use.

As a bonus, my library is a PCL using profile 328, which pretty much means it will work with any C# application you are writting. I even have it building and running all my test on Travis-CI (252 tests and counting).

Please feel free to grab the nuget at and check the source as

Next steps: keep knocking out the extensions from my wishlist, get resharper’s inspectcode.exe command-line tool running, and tidy up all the documentation onto the wiki and maybe on of the docs services.

Have suggestions? Or are there extensions on my list that you want me to prioritise? Open an issue and let me know.