The Introduction

I’m having fun using all my console windows inside tabs in one application using Console2 (hooray for easily finding a Hanselman blog post on my specific topic for you to read all about it) and it has been going well.

The Issue

However, the other day, my whole console window started sliding around when I pressed the arrow keys, instead of moving the type cursor left and right, or moving through the history buffer with up and down. It was scrolling my output buffer text up and down in the console window, what?

The Fix

Turns out that Console2 is one of the only console apps that respects the Scroll-Lock key on your keyboard, what? That key that hasn’t done anything on windows for ages except turn my keyboard light on and off? Must have accidentally bumped it at some point I guess? Toggle the light off, and all is working as expected.

Well there you go. Problem solved. Feature or bug? keen to hear your opinion on this.