A friend emailed me today, and told me a grand epic that was a day in his life, and my first response to him was ‘that story is blog-worthy, share it with the world why don’t you?’.

It’s become more and more self-evident, that the world is full of linguistically capable, and even exceptional writers, many of whom would never have had a chance to use their gifts and let their unique genius be heard by others. But today, with the prominence of the internet, a uniquely powerful medium of free speech, anyone can have the opportunity to become the next great inspiring voice of tomorrow, following in the footsteps of people like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luthor King, and even Buddha.

Now we see some of these people rising through the polls of top 500 blogs around the web, and there are so many that their power, it would seem, is less then when they could have been singled out from the crowd. But in another way, they are able to share the power with others, and give more people the chance to be heard, and for better and greater freedom of choice from the people. Sure this also leads to extremist voices being a lot more vocal and in the foreground, but doesn’t that still mean that the balance of power remains even, that people still get the opportunity to freely choose the path less supported and more frowned upon? It seems that balance is one of the few constant things is this universe. I’m getting a

little side tracked here. The point of this blog post was to share with everyone my view on blogs, and blogging, and people sharing their every thought and feeling, and how great that is for the whole world to both give and receive, in the form of written language. My friend may just start his own blog, and if given permission, i will add a link to it from here for anyone out there reading my less then impressive blog (for now) may follow some of my influences, and perhaps learn something along the way.

So happy blogging to all, and i look forward to reading what people have done, thought, and experienced this week on the world wide web.

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