I presented today at Code Camp Christchurch on git. I will try and translate some of the topics into new tutorial posts over the coming weeks, but you can find a rough transcript of the content from my presentation in my post git is not scary.

I refered to some links in my talk, and wanted to make them available here. So on with it then.

The Git Parable

This is a nice little story that steps through the process of producing a full featured source control system that resembles git. Along the way you get a better understanding of how things work under the hood.

Git Koans

These little dialogs are base on the concept of Kōans, and apply to git. Like I say, each time I read them, another one finally makes sense to me that used go over my head.

Git For Ages 4 And Up####

This presentation from Michael Schwern is a great introduction to git in a visual way. This is a good deep dive into git that goes beyond the broad overview I presented. Michael focuses on Git branching, and visualizing it with tinker toys.

Online Interactive Learning

These two resources give an interactive web experience at using git. The first presented more in a gamification style, the second is more tutorial-based.

light reading####

Lastly, here are some reference sites to start getting deeper, and more into the details of git. gitref.org is a reference style setup, where you can start from a command and look at its details. Pro Git is an open source book on Git, and is available to read online, or as a downloadable pdf, Mobi, ePub or HTML format. Lasly, think like a git is entertaining walkthrough of resources, designed for "Advanced beginners". Which means if you already have a grasp of everything from my presentation then its probably for you.

presentation slides

The slides for my presentation can be found on Prezi: Git 101 - An Introduction for anyone interested.