So I really should have posted something sooner, but I’ve been so busy with other things. Anyway, Change should soon be coming, I have a whole backlog of things i need to post about, and I’ve started using Twitter, which should result in this post being tweeted about due to a new plugin (fingers crossed). So here is my mental note, to myself and perhaps also a promise to the wider public, of what i hope to get done to this site over the next few months (I hope this is realistic enough :-) ).

  • Finish Photo Album Application
  • Restyle the site
  • Add twitter and Social Networking to my site
  • Post about the HTML bridge
  • Post about DataTemplateSelector
  • Post about Attached Behaviour and default item selection
  • Post about Blend and UI Styling
  • Create a Silverlight frontend for WordPress
  • Create Silverlight Tag Cloud

And if i manage to get through all that I can probably afford to skip another month of not posting! lets see how we go aye?